Everything's OK (Waajeed Refix)

I just got the email today from Bling 47 and Waajeed got some story to tell about this Blu track which originaly produced by Flying Lotus.

In case you miss Blu no york e mo work (rmx z 1​.​3), there's a track called "Everything's OK feat. Jack Davey" which remixed by Waajeed. However, what we hear on Blu's remix was not actual Waajeed remix. It's kind of more remix of a remix.  

Ok here's what Blu did.

This is the original Everything's OK (Waajeed Refix). After I gave proper listen, I dig Waajeed remix better because it's sound clearer and that bounce? uuuuugh. If you wanna know the details, let Waajeed tells the story here.

Blu feat. Jack Davey - Everything's OK (Waajeed Refix)

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