J Dilla Detroit Love

Happy Valentine everyone. To celebrate Valentine's day with dedication to J-Dilla, our homie REI (Fourthcity, Seattle) is putting some mix for you to enjoy.

Future Of Funk 3

Finally, our homie at moovmnt has decided to drop their new mix of "Future Of Funk Vol.3" on their Future Of Funk series.

Mixing Monthly

Full Crate & FS Green are back with their monthly mix tape called Mixing Monthly which is started from 2008. After taking a break, they're returned with their new mixtape.

Herbie's Birthday Mix

To celebrate Herbie Hancock 72 birthday (Happy Birthday Herbie), Pittsburgh producer, Buscrate 16 Bit Ensemble did a fine selection of Herbie's music and put it onto his Herbie's Birthday Mix.

Cosmopolyphonic Vol.26

New podcast we all have been waiting for from Cosmopolyphonic family is out and ready to be downloaded for your midnight chill session or any session. For this episode, they had special guest from sunny side California, electronic music wizard, Mike Gao.

Moovmnt Glimmering Mix

Good homie from Amsterdam, Nilez of Moovmnt dropped this sexy soulful "Moovmnt Glimmering Fractions" mixtape like days ago and all I ask of you is to give the mixtape 50 minutes of your life to get in touch with your soulful self.

Matt Lyne Guestmix

Cosmopolyphonic just started their monthly music podcast in 2012 with special guest mix from Matt Lyne (A Taut Line/Greeen Linez//Diskotopia) for Diskotopia first music compilation.